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Kellee Wayne Kscuttingedgesalon — 5 star

The best decision I have ever made. I have met some amazing people going to school with, many that I still keep in touch with. I graduated in 2005 not knowing what I wanted to really do. I was 19 years old. Doing hair was the best decision I ever made. I worked my way through college being able to pay for my books and loans. When I was slow at the salon I was able to do home work. I graduated college with a Masters degree in elementary education. Guess what I am doing now…Hair!  The lessons, friendships, skills I have learned from this school has helped me grow into the lady I am today. I now own my own salon and doing very well. The knowledge that I gained from this amazing place and these amazing instructors has helped me build my clientele and start my business. They go above and beyond. There are things I learned here that other stylists are like “what I never knew that?” That’s what you want is to be the most knowledgeable in your field and this is the place to go!


Katharina Eileen Perez — 5 star 

Mims is a great beauty college!  I attended Mims and gained both my operator and operator instructor’s license. I am so happy I choose Mims Classic Beauty College.  I researched all the beauty colleges in San Antonio, and Mims was the one that felt like home. This college has smaller class settings, one on one attention, and great teachers.  I consider everyone at Mims my family.  They have helped me blossom into the beautiful, amazing stylist I am today.  Hands down the best education you can get in the beauty industry.


Angelique Martinez — 5 star  Mims is the best! Staff is more like family.  They go above and beyond to help you achieve your dream!


Clifton Miles — 5 star   Discipline, work ethic and fundamentals are what Mims is all about. I enjoyed my time there. I graduated in 2006.  Loved everyone on staff!


Cynthia A Baca — 5 star  Excellent instructors at Mims Classic Beauty College!!! I graduated with the skills and experience to pass my State Manicurist exam in 1991. I received my license and served clients for 16 wonderful years!!!


Lisa Quezada — 5 star  Mims was the best thing that happened to me and my future! I was able to afford it and get a quality education! Thank you Megan for making me feel like family ♡


Tisha Duncan Keonie LagajinoWare — 5 star

Amazing school, I learned so much. Everything was hands on. My Instructors were very supportive, made sure we were ready for our state boards, rather than throw us to the sharks. I can clearly remember seeing other students coming in jeans and t shirts. Mims had us prepared for professionalism. Not to show up with our gear in trash bags. Yes trash bags. The best part is if you compare the price of this school versus all the other ones in San Antonio, you will find that Mims Beauty College is the cheapest by thousands. This great school is family oriented with great hands on teachers that won’t put a dent in your pocket, unless you want to spend extra money!  I appreciate all the Instructors for believing in me. ♡♡♡♡♡♡


Stu Harris — 5 star 

Can’t say enough great things about my experience as a student at Mims. For one, I feel I got the kind of personal and hands on education that I frankly don’t think I could have received at some of the more corporate competitors. Mims has been family-run and operated for decades, and that is just one of its many strengths. Their instructors are first-class and knowledgeable as well. And Mims gave me all of the foundation I needed for my current success as a hair stylist. Thank you for everything, Mims!


Veronica Avila — 5 star  This is an awesome school wonderful instructors love you Ms. Ray & Ms. Poe!  Learned so much from them and new I have my own salon!!!


Brit Borcherding — 5 star  This was the best education I have ever received. I absolutely recommend this school to everyone. It is truly a great experience and family. If you want to have an amazing foundation as a stylist, this is where you want to be.


Christine Hartnett Munari — 5 star  was very lucky to find Mims. I went to Mims because it was the oldest most well-established beauty school in San Antonio. I finished my cosmetology certification and now I’m getting my instructor certification I couldn’t be happier, thanks Mims!