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Instructor Course


The objective of the instructor course is to develop highly skilled, licensed cosmetology instructors. Student teachers will not only receive the required basics but also personal instruction in Mims Classic Beauty College methods and philosophy. Accomplished instructors have the opportunity to seek employment in any area of the cosmetology profession.

An additional prerequisite is that those registering for the instructor course must have a valid cosmetology license.


750 Hours/6 Months with a maximum of 9 months *

Orientation (Theory)50 hours

Instruction and Theory and Lab/Clinic Operation350 hours

Teaching and Lab/Clinic Management350 hours

Total Theory and Practical750 hours

* Students may elect to take additional training beyond the 750 required hours.

Instructor Student Books

The school does sell books to the student, separate and apart of the stated tuition fee.

Books included are as listed (if these are purchased from an outside source, they must be the same):

1 Milady Cosmetology Hairstyling Teacher Training Manual

1 Milady Standard Textbook of Cosmetology

1 Milady Cosmetology Teacher Training Manual

1 Set of Class Notes

These items are priced at $125. Mims will not be responsible for lost or stolen items, replacements, or repairs.

All items must be replaced if stolen, lost or broken by the student.