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To maintain a quality presentation and ensure optimum efficiency in operations, Mims Classic Beauty College requires each student to abide by the following rules and regulations.

General Rules & Regulations

  1. All students are expected to attend school on a full-time basis unless approved in advance by the Admissions office. Full-time is Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Cosmetology course is a 12-month minimum or a 14-month maximum. The Manicure course is a 5-month minimum or a 6-month maximum. The instructor course is 6½-month minimum or 7½-month maximum.
  2. Tardies will require written documentation in order to clock in for the day. Exceptions will be given as warranted by your instructor. If theory class is already in progress, a special assignment will be provided during this time.
  3. Excused or unexcused absences are allowed for illness, family illness or death, accident, or wedding in the immediate family. Documentation may be required. Students are also allowed two (2) weeks or ten (10) days of vacation if notification is given prior to time off. However, absences averaging more than 3.5 days per month, excused or unexcused, could result in additional tuition charges as specified in student contracts.
  4. Unexcused absences may result in suspension or termination. Failure to notify the instructor or Admission office prior to absence will constitute an unexcused absence. The school expects, and appreciates, phoning in if a student is going to be absent for the day.
  5. Students are required to punch their time cards to indicate arrival, lunch and departure. Failure to do so will result in lost time. Under no circumstances are students allowed to punch in or out for other students.
  6. Students are required to attend theory classes daily and to take weekly exams when scheduled. Excessive make-up exams will not be allowed prior to students’ final exam.
  7. Students are permitted a lunch break of 30 minutes and two 15-minute breaks throughout the day.
  8. Parking in front and on the side of the school is reserved for patrons and staff only. Assigned parking is behind building and next door.
  9. Tuition payments are to be made the first week of each month to cover training from the previous month. Notice of payment due is posted above the time clock.
  10. Each student is responsible for his/her own equipment. School equipment is expected to be returned to where it was issued.
  11. The student break area and the students’ stations are everyone’s responsibility. These should be kept clean and orderly daily.
  12. Approved uniform dress code only  is acceptable as specified in the Enrollment Requirement Sheet and School Catalog. Students are expected to look professional in proper uniform (black scrubs), groomed and with make-up as appropriate.
  13. An approved name tag with your name must be worn each day.
  14. All absences on Friday or Saturday without prior notification or documentation will result in an additional $20 payable next day of attendance.
  15. No cell phone conversations are allowed on the senior clinic floor during theory class or during junior practical class.
  16. Chewing gum is not allowed.
  17. Clocking out for breaks when leaving the building or going to lunch is required.
  18. Students have the privilege at all times of consulting instructors or administration on his/her personal problems or their relation to school requirements. Strictest confidence can be assured.


  1. The college shall have the right to suspend or terminate a student for cheating, dishonesty, theft, creating dissension, using profanity, immoral or unprofessional conduct, gossip, or using liquor or drugs during or before school. The college shall have the right to clock students out for a period of time or for the entire day for failure to abide by the stated Rules and Regulations.
  2. The school dress code must be adhered to during school hours for a student to receive credit.
  3. Students are expected to cooperate with other students, instructors, clients and staff at all times.
  4. A student refusing to perform a service on a client is subject to suspension.
  5. Keep incoming and outgoing calls to a minimum and for emergencies only.
  6. Cell phones are not permitted on senior clinic floor, during junior class presentation or during theory class.
  7. Chewing gum is not permitted.


  1. Each student is responsible for keeping his/her work station clean and sanitary.
  2. A duty roster is posted and students are assigned to participate in cleaning assigned areas. Instructors are to check the sanitation and completion of duties before dismissal each day. Failure to comply with sanitary rules and duties will result in loss of hours by being clocked out by an instructor.


Days and hours lost by suspension from school could result in students not graduating within the prescribed time allotted time by the curriculum and/or student contract. Only one (1) suspension is permitted. The College shall have the right to place on warning, suspend or terminate a student for not complying with the stated Rules and Regulations or Satisfactory Progress Policy.


Attendance is recorded in clock hours. Credit will be given for all hours attended. The School will not add or deduct hours as a penalty. The School will not round hours to more than the quarter hour.

Make-up Work/Tests

All makeup work and tests must be presented in a reasonable and timely manner as specified by the Class Instructor.  Make-up tests are scheduled for Wednesday afternoon unless otherwise allowed by the Class Instructor.