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Faculty & Staff


Neilana Mims Russell, Director/Owner

Ms. Russell has been a licensed instructor since 1969. Her experience encompasses both salon work and teaching. She has been administrator since 1985 and school owner since 1970.

Mrs.  Sherri Ancira, Instructor & Financial Aid Officer

Mrs. Ancira has been a licensed manicurist since 1984, a licensed manicure instructor since 1996, and a cosmetology instructor since June 2008. Her experience involves conducting seminars on nails throughout the United States and Mexico and currently having her own wholesale nail supply company. Mrs. Ancira is a graduate of Mims and currently serves as Manicure Instructor and Cosmetology Instructor.

Mrs.  Annette Poe, Instructor

Mrs. Poe has been a licensed instructor since 1988. She served as a senior floor instructor at Mims from 1991 to 1996 and from 1997 to 2002 as area director for Fantastic Sam’s Salons. Mrs. Poe is currently serving as Mims Senior Floor Instructor.

Mrs. Sonja Nevergold, Instructor

Ms. Nevergold has been an Instructor for 17 years.  She has worked at several schools – was here several years ago and has returned.  She is responsible for the Jr. Class and also assists on the clinic floor.  Ms. Nevergold loves teaching all phases of hairdressing to students.

Mrs.  Megan Russell Brett

Mrs. Brett has been associated with the school periodically. She is now here full-time and is an assistant and coordinator for classes, events and management.


Ms. Neilana Russell, Owner/Instructor Ms. Dallas Parker, Stylist and Instructor