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Advisory Committee

Mims initiates an Advisory Committee Meeting each year to help access the College’s success, failures and operations of the previous year.

The Advisory Committee is composed of salon owners or managers, present and former students, staff and instructors.

Concerns and suggestions from the meeting are formulated into the College’s new year objectives and beyond. Feedback from the Advisory Committee assures a close relationship between the College and what salons and the industry are trying to accomplish.

Grading System

Students are required to complete all projects and assignments before progressing to the next phase. Students must maintain a minimum 70 percent grade average on weekly theory tests and all practical assignments. Failure to do so may result in suspension, probation or termination. The grading scale for theory and practical work is as follows:

Theory grades are based on a percentage point basis in relation to the number of questions divided by 100.

Junior Class Practical is established by using the point system developed by The Texas Cosmetology Commission.

In Practical Clinic, the performance was established by assigning a 100-point value to each skill.

A = 100 – 90

B = 89 – 80

C = 79 – 70

D = 69 – 60 Unsatisfactory

Below 60 Failing