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Admission Policies


Admissions And Prerequisites

Mims Classic Beauty College, in all programs including admissions and employment, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, religion, age, creed, sex, marital status, financial status, handicap, or country of origin, and is prohibited from such discrimination by law.

The following documentation and records must be submitted prior to starting classes:

  1. Enrollment application completed
  2. High school diploma or equivalent (GED) copy.
  3. 1 picture approximately 2″ x 2″.
  4. $25 money order made payable to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
  5. Birth certificate or Texas driver license copy.

Please contact the Administrative office for details, as a signed contract will be required before training begins. This contract will provide a detailed breakdown of training cost allocations and an explanation of all items pertaining to the total cost, use of school equipment and refund policies.

Transfer Policy

With the exception of students transferring from other cities or states, Mims Classic Beauty College does not accept transfer students.  For transferring students that qualify for admission, credit will be given and accepted for a maximum of 600 Cosmetology hours and a maximum of 300 Manicure hours.  Accepted hours for the Instructor program are not accepted and credit will not be given.  Accepted hours will be counted as both “attempted” and “completed” towards the students educational program.  All previous related tests and practical assignments for the Cosmetology and Manicure programs will be accepted with the proper documentation provided by the previous school.

I addition to a $100.00 registration fee, students will be charged tuition on any remaining required hours at the current rate per hour as stated in the course contract.  Required equipment and tools, if needed, may be purchased through the school or any outside service the student chooses.

For Mims students transferring to another school, the following policy will be used.

  • Mims Classic Beauty College will provide all earned and paid up hours to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.  However, only hours that have been paid in full are transferable.
  • All Written and Practical scores will be provided upon request.
  • No fee is charged to the student for transferring.

Enrollment Overview

 After visiting the school or auditing classes, a prospective student can specify a particular class start date during any month. Upon completion, a prospective student will take with them an enrollment application and enrollment contract. These two documents and the previous mentioned records must be completed prior to starting classes. The registration fee may be paid at this time.

The College, for all its part, will record the student information needed and place the prospective student in the class and starting date specified. Two weeks prior to classes starting, the College will call all prospective students to confirm class starts, if confirmation has not already been made.

It is generally recommended that all documentation, records and registration fees be completed and turned into the registrar’s office prior to the first day of classes.

Student Reentry Policy

As occasion arises, a student may need to temporarily withdraw from school. Upon returning, provisions are made to allow reentry without loss of credit or fee assessment if withdrawal is less than 30 days or under an approved leave of absence.  If withdrawal period has been longer, a $25.00 fee may be assessed to reactivate enrollment, if required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.  Students must return at the same Satisfactory Academic Progress status as applied prior to the interruption.

Name Changes

All students who would like to request a name change in their Mims Classic academic records must submit in writing to the school director by including proof of legal name change (can be copy of student’s social security card, driver’s license, marriage certificate or any other legal documents) that show proof of the name change. The student’s academic records will be updated and a copy of the legal document placed in the student’s file.

Address And Telephone Number Changes

All students who would like to change their address and/or telephone number, is asked to submit in writing the changes to the school director. Any correspondence returned to the school by the United States Postal Service with an address correction will automatically be updated.