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Physical Demands

In the different areas of our profession – hair, skin and nails – the physical demands can be taxing and should be considered before entering the career field. Any successful stylist, esthetician or nail tech will spend many hours per day servicing clientele on a one-to-one basis. This will involve standing on your feet for long periods and continually moving your upper extremities. Common areas of stress are the feet, lower back, shoulders and hands.

This is not to say any of these are crippling situations. They can become most uncomfortable over periods of time and some will be affected more than others. Career and top-earning cosmetologists may find it necessary to work long hours – at times more than eight hours a day and more than five days a week. Conditions such as sciatic or pinched nerves, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and fallen arches are well documented. These conditions can be offset by standing on rubber mats, wearing proper shoes, physical conditioning, good  posture, and taking breaks when feeling uncomfortable.


A physical description of the college specifies a separate junior class containing individual stations for 15 students. Audio-visual equipment, videos and other educational material are provided in this class. The rear door will handle access for the handicapped.

The theory class will accommodate approximately 40 students for daily theory classes. This classroom also handles special presentations and serves as a student break area after 10 a.m.

The senior floor is divided into three sections. One section seats 16 cosmetology students, another seats 24 students and a facial room is able to accommodate 4 facial students. The senior floor also provides stations for 10 manicurists.

The facility also features an administration office, a reception area and a dispensary.

Lockers are available for students to secure their supplies and personal belongings.

Safety Requirements

The main areas of concern for safety in the profession are electricity, chemicals, sharp implements and infectious diseases. Many electrical implements are currently being used in the profession today. Caution for patrons and professionals alike are warranted. Proper handling of the implements at all times is required. Electrical burns and shock can be most uncomfortable at best.

All chemicals used in the profession also need to be approached with caution. Manufacturers’ directions need to be read and understood. Extended or improper exposure can cause harmful results to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract.

Sharp implements also need to be used with caution. Puncture wounds need to be treated immediately and all implements thoroughly disinfected properly, today especially. Infections such as HIV and hepatitis are of grave concern and cannot be taken lightly. Proper care should always be considered when servicing the public.


Mims Classic Beauty College does not provide room/board.


Tutoring assistance is made available through your instructor.

Instructor Flexibility

Throughout your educational experience at Mims Classic Beauty College, you will be exposed to a large variety of instruction by having several instructors.